Viva Las Vegas:A New Holiday Destination

We’ve all felt the anticipation of our first holiday away from our parents, the nervous excitement of a couple of weeks with our friends, no parents telling us what and what not to do! Most of us will decdie to go to a scorching beach resort in southern Europe, cheap alcohol and plenty of other likeminded youths out for a good time. This holiday circut often becomes addictive and we spend all our time planning and saving for the next big holiday. As we age however we find it increasingly difficult to process the high alcohol intake and these type of 24/7 drinking and partying breaks begin to feel like much more of a chore! What to do then for the young, working holiday maker after a good time without the month-long hangover!


Las Vegas holidays are becoming an increasingly popular option for those in their early and mid twenties looking for an alternative to the Majorcas and Zantes of this world. While it would be a hollow statement to claim that Vegas has a rich cultural heritage, it certainly offers a unique experience, albeit one which re-produces famous landmarks from other countries! For the thrill-seeker looking for a holiday with it all¦ Las Vegas holidays are certainly not the answer! Vegas is all about excess, money and pleasure, the flashing lights, casinos and nightclubs are all geared towards giving you a brain-frying experience and emptying your pockets as quickly as possible!


You will get your just rewards for this financial outlay however, Vegas has some of the most impressive hotels in the world, putting New York holidays and Miami holidays Vegas is obviously infamous for its casinos and they alone are the reason that many people pay a visit to this one desolate dessert outpost! Vegas is of course famous for its casinos and they alone are the reason that many people pay a visit to this one desolate dessert outpost. Vegas has all the thrills of a traditional ‘lads’ break but offers a little bit more in terms of variety! Vegas retains all the excitement of a Euro ‘lads’ holiday while having a bit of class at the same time as well as offering other things to do than drink!