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Hotels – How To Get Yourself Discounts And Savings

Most of us have found ourselves in the situation where we are preparing for a long awaited vacation, and we are now faced with the decision of whether to book a nice hotel, which will be more expensive and cut into our entertainment budget, or settle for a hotel that may not be up to our standards so that we can still afford to enjoy the adventures that we have been looking forward to on our trip. It seems unfair to have to sacrifice one for the other. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually find an affordable hotel that provided agreeable accommodation at a reasonable price? In this article, you will find some helpful advice that will make your next getaway much more affordable.

What Are You Looking For In A Hotel – The amenities and features that you expect from a hotel, will determine how much you will need to spend. Are you planning to spend a lot of time in your room, and therefore want extravagant accommodation, or will your room simply be a place to sleep and change clothes between adventures, and thus need only provide the basics? Locating the best deals on hotel rooms will also be made easier, if you can create a narrower search by stating whether you will require a restaurant at the hotel, an internet connection in the room, or an on site pool.

Investigate Package Deals – Sometimes a package deal will include useful elements, that purchased separately, would be quite expensive. This is great if you will actually utilize these extras. If, however, they are tacked on activities or tours that you do not intend to use, you should not purchase these packages just because you can not pass up a great bargain. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to check into all “special offers” and “discount deals”, so that you know what you are purchasing, before committing to them.

Find A Credit Card Deal – Many people never think to ask their credit card company if they offer any travel deals. Many credit card companies partner with larger hotel chains to offer some amazing deals. All it takes is a simple call to your credit card company to find out is they offer many such deals. A great example is the partnership between Hilton Hotels and Visa. If you use your Visa to stay at a Hilton hotel then you get a nice discount.

Check Directly With The Hotel Or Hotel Chain Always remember to call your hotel of choice directly. If you call a hotel directly, often they will give you a better deal because they have to share a portion of their booking fees with online companies and they lose money. If your accommodation of choice is like the Embassy Suites, then make sure that you call the hotel’s local number because if you call the 800-number, you will likely get someone who is in another state. Making reservations through the hotel’s local number will not only give you better pricing options, but they will also be able to tell what local attractions will be hot during your stay.

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London Hotel Breaks

London is one of the hottest hotel breaks destinations in the world and annually many thousands of tourists visit the British capital city. London has hundreds of years of history, stunning historical buildings and of course lots of entertaining attractions, even the queen lives there.

One of the toughest things to find in London is a good quality hotel at a low-cost price. If you want to be in the heart of all the action then you would ordinarily have to pay a lot more for than you would if you were staying 5 miles away. The secret is to try and locate a hotel that strikes the correct equilibrium between the price and location.

There are umpteen expensive 4 and 5 star hotels throughout the center of London that could cost you a lot of money unless you check around and take a few simple steps.

To start with make sure that your visit does not take place in the middle of any major events in London as the cheaper hotels will in all likelihood be reserved for these dates well beforehand. So do not pick any dates where there is a cup final on at wembley stadium or any other big event. A quick check on the official London council web site will give you a list of annual events.

It could be that you are travelling to London for a major event and are having problems finding lodgings at any property. There is a potential solution by using the internet site Hotel Breaks as they have additional rooms to sell by many of the London hotels. Even when the hotel itself has sold out Hotel Breaks could still have rooms left.

If you have any friends or relatives in or near London as it could be a good idea to ask if they have any localized knowledge of a suitable hotel that you may stay at. The important thing is to shop around and make sure you get accommodation that is not along way away. You do not want to be using your holiday time and cash going to where you really wanted to be in the first place

Paris Disney

People in Paris, France were very protective of their distinctive culture, so when Michael Eisner came to Paris France in 1989 to sell stock for a new Disneyland theme park, he was surprised to see protestors throwing eggs and waving “Disney Go Home” signs. The launch of Euro Disney did not initially look promising. Then there was the cold, the rain and the occasional bouts of bad weather that made France an unlikely contender. However, 13 years later, the second Disney park — the $610 million Disney Studios — was just opening up and chairman Robert Fitzpatrick told TIME Magazine, “My biggest fear is that we will be too successful.”

Despite its current success of $37.7 million in profit, 86% occupancy and 12 million visitors each year, Euro Disney in Paris got off to a rough start. Initially, the Disney crew believed that Europeans were ready to immerse themselves into a “totally American experience.” After all, the Disney movies sold better in Europe than they did in the U.S., and Hong Kong Disney was outperforming Disneyland in Anaheim. However, they had to make some changes to accommodate a multicultural audience. Now they sell espresso at refreshment stands, wine and beer with lunch and hand out park maps in six different languages. Currently the Disney strategy is to expand beyond the French market to attract other European visitors (40% of all tourists come from France) and to encourage people to stay at the parks and resorts longer, since the average stay is only about 2 days, compared to 4 to 5 in other parks.

Disneyland, Paris rides are fashioned after many of the American parks’ rides. In Disneyland Paris, visitors will have access to several different “lands” all within the same park: Discoveryland, Frontierland and Adventureland. Space Mountain 2 recently opened in Discoveryland as a high-speed, fast-moving coaster. Also nearby, guests can find the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, which is a shoot-em-up arcade-style game for kids, and Star Tours, a “Star Wars” simulation ride. In Frontierland, families will find the quick Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster and the creepy Phantom Manor haunted house. Adventureland houses one of the best-known Disney rides — the Pirates of the Caribbean and also the new Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril ride. Over at the other park, Walt Disney Studios, visitors will find intense thrills at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, the Aerosmith Rock N’ Roller Coaster and Crush’s Coaster.

Disneyland has now overtaken the Eiffel Tower Paris hotel region as the most popular attraction in the country. The 12 million annual tourists pouring into the parks can sometimes make the lines, the dinner reservations and the crowded walkways almost unbearable. The best times to visit are on weekdays outside of public holidays and traditional school vacations. The least-crowded months are from September to October and May to June. Since the French weather can be iffy, June will probably offer the most pleasant climate. There are also special offers during this time, like 3 days for the price of 2 days, including hotel stays. To avoid waiting in lines, hotel guests may enter the Paris parks an hour early and stay an hour late on select days. Also, any visitor can use their admission ticket to pick up “fast passes” for the most popular rides, which allows them to return during a set hour to bypass the long wait times.

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