Why You Should Consider Taking A Nile Cruise

There are many reasons for taking a Nile Cruise. First and foremost: It’s the best way to explore Ancient Egypt.

Explore Ancient Egypt
Egypt is a beautiful country with a long and colorful history. From their large and varied pantheon of god and goddesses to their beautiful artistic production and ethnic and scientific innovations, the ancient Egyptians were one of the most sublime cultures the world has ever seen. The culture of Egypt today is just as fascinating, and tens of thousands of visitors come to the area every year to experience all that the country has to offer.

The routes for luxury Nile cruises run from Luxor to Aswan or Abu Simbel, though most include a comprehensive tour to the entire Cairo area before departing, by air, to the southern locations.

Decades ago it was possible to depart from Cairo, but the creation of locks and “cataracts” in the river’s course now makes it impossible for larger ships to pass through some areas. For this reason most luxury Nile cruises begin or end in Luxor, which was a historical capital during the ancient times.

It is Unique
Those who come to Egypt for the first time, as well as those who have been there many times before, will likely want to find a unique way to take their vacation and see all of the greatest sights. Cruising along the lush banks of the Nile is sure a unique way to see the country.

The Comfort Factor
Most people who come to Egypt travel the desert in hot caravans or on busses that can become uncomfortable after several days of travel, especially if you are not used to travelling in such a way. A cruise down the Nile allows people to have more space and to be more comfortable.

More Intimate
Unlike the cruise ships that carry thousands of different passengers, the ships that sail along the Nile River are far smaller. This means that you will share the ship with fewer passengers, and this can provide a closer, more intimate setting for the vacation.

Set up Tours
The best Nile Cruise lines will be able to set you up on all of the excursions you want when your take in each ports. They can set up tours with the best local guides, ensuring that you see what you want to see and have a great time doing it.

Fine Dining and Luxury Accommodations
You can be assured that your ship will have great chefs and offer some of the top-quality local cuisine and international fare in the country. Everyone will be able to find something to satisfy his or her appetite. You will also be given great accommodations that are clean and comfortable.


The Nile Cruise Vacation Packages are generally between three and seven days, so you can choose a tour that fits your budget and your timeframe. 


12 Days: Egypt Nile Cruise Tour
Enjoy a truly grand journey on the classical Egypt Nile Cruise Tour. It takes in some of the most famous, notable, and treasured sites of ancient Egyptian history as well as some contemporary “hot spots” during this fully escorted, 12 day adventure.

12 Days: Nile River Cruise Holiday
Nile River Cruise Holiday is ideal for anyone who wishes to experience the romanticism of Egypt by water. This 12 day journey includes the best of both Egypt and Jordan.

Egypt Classical Tours – Types Of Cruises You Ought To Know

People love to hop on a large boat and cruise to an exotic location (often times more than one exotic location) as their vacation or getaway. This is probably due to the fact cruises provide many different opportunities which resorts or hotels don’t.

Food is one attractant for people. A cruise provides breakfast, lunch and dinner but they also have midnight buffets, afternoon snack buffets, ice cream bars and 24-hour room service available. Food is basically available round the clock. You will find casual and formal meals. Big or private meals – of course, depending on the cruise line you choose will determine the quality of the food. You should keep in mind that numerous of the cruise ships are feeding roughly 2000 people 10 meals daily!

Other people like the entertainment that’s available. Most cruise lines run full scale production shows, have bands play, integrate other special shows such as magic or puppet for the children. The Disney Cruise line provides meals with Disney characters and special entertainment tailored directly for the younger crowd. Many cruise ships even have floating casinos.

Cruises offer one-stop-shopping. A cruise offers variety. You can take one flight and get on one boat yet visit as many as seven different islands or locations. To go to that many islands by plane after which stay in a different hotel at each location would be not just expensive but not much fun.

There is a cruise line available to fit every need of every individual. Below are a few of the things that make each line unique.

Carnival Cruises provides something for everyone and is great for the first time cruiser. There are many different ships available that depart from many different ports across the country. Land and sea prices are available for those who need to fly to a port of departure.

Celebrity Cruises is a higher end cruise line. They have a sophisticated AquaSpa on board as well as a unique art collection offered on their Galaxy ship. They’ve acquired a 5-star rating for their cuisine (not food but cuisine) and consist of an in-cabin entertainment and information center.

Radisson Seven Seas, Seaborn Cruises and Windstar Cruises provide a little more luxury than even the Celebrity line. The Radisson offers ultimate luxury by sailing smaller ships which have solely suites offered. In addition they offer unique destinations for example Tahiti, French Polynesia, Antarctica, the Mediterranean, and Europe. The Windstar ships all have romantic trimasted ships and sail to the Caribbean, The Americas, the Greek Isles and Europe.

Regardless of what you’re wanting to get from a vacation, may it be entertainment, relaxation, fantastic food, or variety, a cruise provides all of that at a great price. The next time you’re planning a vacation, do not disregard that great big boat out in the harbor.

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