Camping In PA And NJ Can Be A Great Getaway

Camping in Pennsylvania and New Jersey will afford you the opportunity to create the wilderness experience that you want to have. People have different ideas of what a fun camping trip is.

Some like to camp for the simple sake of getting away from the emails, BlackBerrys and other technological nuisances of the world. Others believe that camping is done around other activities like hunting, kayaking and fishing.

If you are fortunate enough to reside in either one of these states, you will have plenty of choices when deciding where to plan your next camping trip to PA or NJ. You can find lush and dense forests in Pennsylvania for you and your family to explore. In New Jersey, you can camp near the ocean and pitch your tent right on a beach.

Pennsylvania is known for offering a rougher terrain and a more rustic type of camping adventure. You can start your adventure somewhere along the Appalachian Trail. During the fall, the backdrop of Pennsylvania’s beauty can be seen throughout the state. Hiking trails and the hunting is plentiful throughout the state.

If you prefer to relax at a campground that offers a play area for the children and showering and laundry facilities, they are located throughout the entire state, as well. There are even campgrounds that you visit during the winter months and you may find yourself skiing to the general store to pick up more supplies. Many families have a favorite campground that they go to every year and have developed small communities with other vacationing families.

You can have the best of both worlds in New Jersey. You can stay in a wonderful wooded area with trees and lakes and then you go and enjoy the beaches and boardwalks of the Jersey shore. There are a few campgrounds that are located near the Great Adventure theme park, so you and the family can stay a few days and play.

Camping is a great way to teach your children about the outdoors and will get them away from their video games and computers. They need to know that there is more out there in the world and how beautiful nature can be. Pennsylvania and New Jersey offer so many different camping options that you can go every year and have a different experience every time.

Camping In California: Make It An Exciting Experience

Camping in California is a blast. California is known for its famous state and national parks. The local attractions have tourists keep coming back. When you are camping in California, you will create memories that will last a life time. You will experience the scenic beauty California has to offer.

For the active individual, many of the campgrounds offer activities for all ages. You can go hiking, swimming, fishing, etc. Bring your family and friends and have an experience of a life time. If you just want to relax, enjoying the tranquility while relaxing can be joyous. California is known for its scenic beauty. Enjoy the weather and surroundings. Some of the most famous beaches are in California. Where ever you are at in California, the Pacific Ocean is never far away.

California is well-known for its diversity, in so many aspects. And that very well applies to the camping sites too. Enjoy camping at a destination of your choice. You can go camping at the beaches, the mountains, state or national parks, deserts, lakes, country, the city, etc.

Make your selection according to your climate preference. If you are visiting the southern California, the local attractions are unending. On some crazy days, you may even find the local natives wearing shorts and tank tops in the middle of October! Where else in the world can you see that?

While many parts of the world have four seasons, California is famous for its beautiful sunny weather all year round. And that applies mainly to southern California. Where else can you go horse-back riding without literally freezing your behind off? If you want go swimming, try the desert area (Palm Springs). They have unbelievable heated pools and jacuzzis that make you not want to get out.

In the spring and fall, both regions of California seem to be equally gorgeous. Being outdoors is like none other. During those times are perfect to enjoy all the fun activities the camping sites have to offer and get the full experience. If you do not like scorching hot summer weather, take a trip up north where it is still sunny yet cool. The bay area weather around winter time is beautiful. It is sunny and slightly warm, but at night, it is pleasantly cool.

Renting an RV and finding a park is what most people tend to do when camping. The art of camping in modern times makes it more comfortable. Whether you are renting an RV, roughing it out in tents, or enjoying a pampered experience in fancy accomodations, camping in california will be an experience to remember.

Want To Experience Camping At Disney World In Florida?

Camping at Disney World might sound like just another way Disney is trying to make money off its guests. After all, the Fort Wilderness Resort doesn’t offer a fully authentic camping experience. All campsites include electricity and water, and for an extra fee you can even get high-speed Internet access. Buildings are air-conditioned and you can easily access Disney World itself.

Now there is another option: a safe, modern camping environment at Disney World. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort offers campsites just ten miles from the Magic Kingdom, complete with water canals, ducks, deer, and rabbits, and forest trails. Unlike traditional campsites, Disney also offers cable television, air conditioning, and even high speed Internet. Pets are allowed in some parts of the campgrounds.

Disney Fort Wilderness offers plenty for the entire family to do during the camping experience. You can go hiking on a forest trail or fish and swim in one of the many water canals on the campgrounds. You can also take your kids on a horse and wagon ride or to the archery range. In addition, every evening, you can watch a Disney movie under the stars in an outdoor arena. There are hook-ups for tents and RV’s, and log-cabin style buildings dot the premises.

Camping at Disney is also safer than camping at a traditional campsite. There are no dangerous wild animals at Fort Wilderness Resort; you will never have to start a fire to scare away wolves, bears, or other predators. The only other people you will encounter are other paying guests, and Disney staff is located on the campgrounds in case of emergency.

If your children are camping purists, they might object to the Disney campsites because you have modern conveniences such as electricity and water. However, there is so much to do on the campgrounds that they will probably completely forget about this issue.

Disney Fort Wilderness offers horse and wagon rides, bike rentals, swimming, fishing, archery, and even an outdoor movie every night. As a Disney World Resort guest, you are also entitled to complimentary transportation to and from all Disney Theme Park locations. In addition to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center, you and your children could visit the Animal Kingdom or any of the Disney World Water Parks.

If you have a dog, you can bring him or her to selected areas of the campsite. Your dog will enjoy walking through the campgrounds and will have an air-conditioned place to sleep. Cats are presumably also welcome on the campsite, although most cats are not leash trained so this may not be a good idea.

Disney Fort Wilderness charges a nominal fee for pet privileges as well as for high-speed Internet access. With so much to do, however, you probably won’t have time for the Internet. Camping at Disney is truly an opportunity for the whole family to get away from their regular routines and just relax. There are private bathroom and shower facilities on site, as well as laundry facilities. Some campsites are being renovated this year; check with Disney for availability.

Florida has so much to offer anyone interested in camping. Consider visiting other Florida campgrounds during your visit to the state.